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If you got tired of watching comedies but you do not know better way to relax than watching a movie you need 123movies website. There are a huge number of musical movies - beautiful, brilliant and very funny movies which will help you to forget about all your everyday problems and worries at least for the time of watching.

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Why the musical? Only this genre combines dances, songs and music so cool. And this combination is completed by a very interesting plot. No other movie will bring you so pleasant emotions as a musical. Watching it in good quality is necessarily for getting relaxation and pleasure.

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Only musicals show you such a wide emoting. They are shown in the dances of the main characters especially. We are enchanted by such emotions from the first minute of watching and completely sink into the movie. No other genre of cinema is capable of it. People are lack of positive and good mood nowadays. And where to get them? Easy answer - watch musicals on our website 123movies. It is musical movie which is considered to be the first movie in the history of mankind, because in the time of silent cinema heroes could not express all their experiences and share feelings through words, so they did it in dance. Although this genre of movie came from USA it is very popular all over the world.

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