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Crime Movies

Not everyone makes sense out of crime movies because we always try to seem very kind and pretty to others. It continues till somebody gets on our nerves, and we get a nervous breakdown. Then we are ready to kill him. Well, not literally, but figuratively. Well, it comes down to luck.

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Crime movies come to the aid in such situations. You enjoy your time and do not hurt anyone at the same time. The plot of such movies is always bewildering, and the end is unpredictable till the very last minute. Many crime movies tell a similar story as the main character twists everybody round finger and steals money. Then petagonis goes far away to Maldives or any other country where he can hardly be found. But, at the last minute, this poor fellow gets a bullet in the forehead. The most interesting fact is that his killer is a person, whom he trusted the most. That is how cunning a criminal world is with its own rules and laws. No one crime movie was filmed without gun fights and car chases. Movies about mafia, and well-known crime lords, are the most popular. Such movies often contain elements of history and biographical cinematography. The plot is based on a crime, and the only difference is whether this crime is committed or not yet. The main characters of criminal movies are gangsters and even criminal groups. The Police do not step in their gangland killing. And the only way destroy the criminal world is to become a part of this the gang and kill all the enemies. Watch criminal movies free on our website 123movies in high quality.

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